Project Fi hooked me with the data-only SIM

When I switched to Project Fi it was mainly a matter of curiosity, and also some filling in the gaps of coverage. I wanted to see how the WiFi, T-Mobile and Sprint network switching would work. More to the point, I was hoping the WiFi and Sprint coverage would fill in some of the T-Mobile gaps. I’ve now been with Project Fi since the beginning of July 2015 and at this point it seems I am in for a much longer ride. Project Fi has been working really good for me.

The coverage has been great, and while I am paying a few dollars more per month, about $5, I now have insurance coverage on my phone. And for those curious, I switched from the $30 per month T-Mobile prepaid plan that offers 100 minutes, unlimited messages and 5GB of LTE data.


But while I am happy with the coverage and happy with the price, neither of those items are why I am staying with Project Fi. The killer feature, at least for me, is the data-only SIM cards. For those unaware, Project Fi allows users to add data-only SIM cards to their accounts. I have two myself. One SIM is in my Nexus 9 LTE and the other SIM is in my Omate TrueSmart smartwatch.

Similar to the regular Project Fi account setup — you still only pay for the exact amount of data you use. That is it — there isn’t any other sort of monthly fee for the data-only SIM cards. Basically, I’ve added the tablet and smartwatch to my account (which also includes my Nexus 5X) and I am still paying about the same each month. That is possible because the times I am using data on my tablet (or smartwatch) means I am not using data on my phone.

Bottom line here, I think I’d rather pay for the data I use as opposed to a monthly device fee just to have an active SIM card. So…anyone else using Project Fi — if so, what is the killer feature for you?

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