Some thoughts about running 100 miles…


When I talk about running 100 miles people often tell me how they don’t even want to drive that far. And the funny thing is — neither do I. In fact, I’d much rather attempt to run 100 miles than drive 100 miles. Driving is easy, driving is boring. I would prefer to never drive.

But more than that, people often want to know why I run 100 miles. And the truth is that I don’t really know. The best I can answer is that I like the challenge. Someday I hope to run a distance greater than 100 miles.

The other thing people seem to wonder about is training. You obviously need to be in shape to run 100 miles. Strength and endurance play a key role, as well as nutrition and hydration. But I’d argue that running 100 miles is harder on the mind than on the body.

Imagine your mood over a month. Take the good times, the bad times, the happy times, the tired times and everything else that happens — then shrink that down into one 24 (or in my case 29:20:20) hour timeframe. That is running 100 miles. You go up and you go down. You feel good and you feel bad. The key is to keep remembering the good when you can only see the bad. I guess this sort of applies to life as well. Funny how that works.

Anyway, having said that, the picture at the top captures me in one of my down moods. That picture was taken somewhere between mile 35 and 40 (and for reference my stomach went south at about mile 31). I did go on to finish the race, and that moment was captured by my wonderful daughter. That picture sits below.

Speaking of my daughter, I also have to thank my family and friends because without them keeping me going — my mind could have let me quit several times. Running 100 miles is hard.


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