Sometimes I keep quiet, only to write about it after

My wife had surgery last Friday. It was outpatient, for her back, and she is doing well recovering. But the surgery isn’t my point here. While I was sitting in the waiting room a couple (man and women) came in. They sat near me, and we chatted while they waited. They both seemed nice enough, and they were in and out within about 20 minutes or so. But what happened as they exited the hospital left me rather sad…and mad.

Hospitals often have a mix of employees and volunteers in the lobby to greet people as they enter. These employees and volunteers make people feel comfortable, and at ease. But what I witnessed them doing as this couple left really bothered me. There was a handful of (hospital) people in the lobby, but the ones I took issue with were three older women. And I say older as in their 70’s, I would guess.

I’ve always gone by a few rules. One is that you shouldn’t judge a book by the cover, and the second is that if you don’t have anything nice to say you shouldn’t say anything. I’ll adjust that second point to say that if you must say something bad — at least do not say it in a public space where people will be able to hear the conversation.

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Sharing drone videos on YouTube makes you a commercial operator (according to the FAA)

It seems the FAA has decided to dub anyone with the potential to earn money from a drone video a commercial operator. In this case a man from Lutz, Florida has received a letter from the FAA because he has been sharing his drone videos on YouTube. And well, YouTube users have the potential to earn money from advertising.

Read more at Bay News 9.

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Just goes to show you really need to read everything you sign…

Windemere Cay, an apartment complex near Orlando, seems to have been using a “Social Media Addendum” to keep renters from posting any negative reviews.

This addendum blocks renters from posting negative comments online. And also allows the complex to impose a $10,00 fine on those who break that rule.

Perhaps even worse, the addendum also assigns copyright of all “written and photographic works regarding the Owner, the Unit, the property, or the apartments” to the landlord.”

That essentially means the landlord can appeal to any website and have those reviews or comments removed, because they would have copyright (say) over those words and images.

via ABC Action News and Ars Technica

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Looking back: 30 Day Challenge for December 2014


Re: My ‘more steps and more activity’ 30 Day Challenge

Looking back at the Fitbit data for the month of December and while I didn’t hit my goal of 15,000 every day — I only went below 10,000 steps on one day. That day was December 19th, and I did 9,123 steps. To be fair about missing my bottom level goal that day, I had an ultra-marathon scheduled for December 20th, and therefor was taking it a bit easy. Regardless, I still missed and could have gotten to 10,000 without issue.

Otherwise, I only had one other day where my steps were in the 10,xxx range. The other day was December 29th when I did 10,687. Not a bad day, but not where I wanted/hoped to be. Aside from those two lower days I managed to get over 15,000 steps for a total of 12 days.

In total that means I had one day below 10,000, and twelve days above 15,000. This goes without saying, but the remaining days were somewhere between 10 and 15 thousand steps.

In the end I would say I still need to keep working on this challenge, and while I wish the above 15,000 step days would have been higher — I still consider this challenge a success because it got me thinking about being more active THROUGHOUT the FULL DAY as opposed to getting majority of my activity in a short one hour period.

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30 Day Challenge: More steps and more activity


On the surface I appear to be a really active person. I run daily, with most of those runs being in the 5 mile range. I also ride my bike and swim, and because I run daily — the days when I bike or swim simply mean two workouts. And because of my running, I’ve sort of become the town runner. Everyone from friends, to parents of my kids friends, to random people ask me about running. Usually the question is something along the lines of;

Was that you I saw out running earlier?

Which is often followed by something along the lines of;

You seemed pretty far from home. How far do you run?

Seriously, it has gotten to the point where I tend to respond to the first question by saying one word — probably. And as if the attention from non-runners isn’t enough, I even get comments from other runners. Those usually tend to the fact about running everyday, and running ultra marathons. Bottom line here, I’ve become (locally known in my small town) as a runner, an active person.

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Switching to prepaid, and likely sticking with a 2013 Moto X


My family spends a small fortune on cellular service each month. Just above $300 with taxes and all that good stuff. We have solid service, in fact, I’ll likely miss what what we have, but it is time to start thinking in terms of dollars. Or more specifically, in terms of saving some dollars. We’ve decided to go prepaid, and will begin using the $30 per month (100 minutes, unlimited messages, 5GB of data) plan from T-Mobile. We currently have four lines and will be moving to prepaid accounts as those contracts expire.

The first of the four lines to come off contract is mine, and that will happen in about a weeks time. That means it is time for me to start thinking about a new phone, as my current will not work with T-Mobile. That may give a good hint of my current carrier. But current carrier aside, I’ve been using, and loving the 2013 Moto X. I like this handset due to the size (I always run with my phone in hand), and also for the ability to unlock using the Motorola Skip functionality, which I actually have programmed not to a Skip, but to an NFC chip I have implanted in my left hand.

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Send your name on NASA’s Orion Spacecraft

Send your name on NASA’s Orion Spacecraft at


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