My 2015 race schedule is full, and also just a training year

I have plenty of races planned for 2015, and well, they are all going to be considered training. I’ve talked about doing a double iron distance triathlon for some time now, and 2016 will be the year, as long as my finances line up as planned. The price of entry is $645 and you are able to save a spot with a $250 deposit, which hopefully I will be able to take care in the next month or two. I’ll also need some new gear, a few hundred dollars worth, but I’m trying not to think about that at the moment.

Anyway, the race takes place in Tampa, Florida and consists of a 4.8 mile swim, 224 mile bike ride, and 52.4 mile run. And just in case the mileage wasn’t scary enough there is also a cutoff time to contend with. Those participating will have to finish in 36 hours or less. The race kicks off at 7:00 am on a Friday morning and officially ends at 7:00 pm on Saturday night.

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What I learned from running 365 consecutive days


I’ve now run for 365 consecutive days. For me that meant running on hot days, on cold days, on sunny days, and rainy days. Basically just running every day regardless. I ran a total of 2000.3 miles.

I wish I could say that I learned some valuable lesson here, but in reality there isn’t much to this…aside from the fact that I really love to run, which was something I already knew.

Having said that, I’m looking forward to continuing the streak and seeing if I can run 2500 miles over the next 365 days.

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I worry about the people in this world

A mother deemed this ‘Love Is On’ commercial as being “very suggestive” because of the kissing and touching. She complained because it was aired in a movie theater, before a PG movie. She thought it more appropriate for ’50 Shades of Grey’, and did get an apology from the theater and from Revlon.

In a comment to Local 6, Revlon mentioned they “would have never paid for its ads to go before a kid’s film.” If you ask me, it seems a lipstick commercial would actually be well played before a kid’s film — if you go on the assumption that a mother would often take their younger child to the movie theater.

Below is a screen grab from the video interview with the mother. I cannot help but wonder about those pictures on her wall behind her. Why wouldn’t she consider any of those as suggestive.


It is also a bit curious that she went from seeing this commercial in the theater, to being outraged, to recording it so quickly — the commercial is only 30 seconds long.

And on the note of using your cell phone in a movie theater. The article mentioned how she recorded the commercial to show it to the theater. The last time I checked you were not able to record ANYTHING during a movie. Copyright and all that good stuff.

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Districts will get $10, and parents will be forced to spend much more

It seems the Florida House has come up with a rather clever way to encourage schools to adopt uniform policies.

From the article;

“The measure that passed (HB 7043) would pay districts $10 more per student if a uniform policy is adopted. Districts are currently paid nearly $7,000 for each student.”

My take;

Just wonderful, the district will get an extra $10 per kid (for forcing them to wear a uniform), and the parents will end up spending more money to buy those stupid uniforms.

Seems the priority is off here, how about we focus on what is important — the education, and not so much what they are wearing. I assume the districts will be quick to adopt this (to get that extra $10), but I am not convinced the students and parents will notice any difference in the quality of education, or for that matter, the supplies the kids see in the classroom.

Read more at 10 News.

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Sometimes I keep quiet, only to write about it after

My wife had surgery last Friday. It was outpatient, for her back, and she is doing well recovering. But the surgery isn’t my point here. While I was sitting in the waiting room a couple (man and women) came in. They sat near me, and we chatted while they waited. They both seemed nice enough, and they were in and out within about 20 minutes or so. But what happened as they exited the hospital left me rather sad…and mad.

Hospitals often have a mix of employees and volunteers in the lobby to greet people as they enter. These employees and volunteers make people feel comfortable, and at ease. But what I witnessed them doing as this couple left really bothered me. There was a handful of (hospital) people in the lobby, but the ones I took issue with were three older women. And I say older as in their 70’s, I would guess.

I’ve always gone by a few rules. One is that you shouldn’t judge a book by the cover, and the second is that if you don’t have anything nice to say you shouldn’t say anything. I’ll adjust that second point to say that if you must say something bad — at least do not say it in a public space where people will be able to hear the conversation.

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Sharing drone videos on YouTube makes you a commercial operator (according to the FAA)

It seems the FAA has decided to dub anyone with the potential to earn money from a drone video a commercial operator. In this case a man from Lutz, Florida has received a letter from the FAA because he has been sharing his drone videos on YouTube. And well, YouTube users have the potential to earn money from advertising.

Read more at Bay News 9.

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Just goes to show you really need to read everything you sign…

Windemere Cay, an apartment complex near Orlando, seems to have been using a “Social Media Addendum” to keep renters from posting any negative reviews.

This addendum blocks renters from posting negative comments online. And also allows the complex to impose a $10,00 fine on those who break that rule.

Perhaps even worse, the addendum also assigns copyright of all “written and photographic works regarding the Owner, the Unit, the property, or the apartments” to the landlord.”

That essentially means the landlord can appeal to any website and have those reviews or comments removed, because they would have copyright (say) over those words and images.

via ABC Action News and Ars Technica

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