A new place for me to share pictures


I do not consider myself a photographer, however I do like to take and share pictures. Those pictures come from my Pixel 2, HTC Re, Nikon D3400 and DJI Spark — and now they will live in a gallery on SmugMug. And, I also share pictures on Instagram.

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Smartphone home screen: June 2017

Still rocking the Nexus 5x, and still hoping to upgrade my device sooner rather than later. I had been thinking Pixel, but now I am also thinking iPhone. We’ll see.

Otherwise, I am still using Action Launcher and as you can see from my January 2017 update — things are not all that different.


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Current Lineup: June 2017

Nexus 5x running on Project Fi, LG Watch Sport (with Project Fi data-only SIM), and Apple Earpods.


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Run Every Day

That could mean sun or rain…or based on today, what turned out to be rain with some thunder and lightning.


From http://twitter.com/robertnelson | via IFTTT

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Got my bucket list travel stamp…Cuba…now, when can I go back?

I’ve wanted to visit Cuba for quite some time now. I can’t really say why…just curious. My wife and I recently went on a cruise and got to spend some time in Cuba as a result. What I can say — is not if I will go back, but when I will go back.

At this time it looks like my next trip will also be by way of a cruise, however hopefully the travel embargo will be lifted and we’ll be able to fly direct and really spend some time on the island.

Anyway, here is a link to a few hundred random images we took while in Havana: Cuba – May 2017

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Out running…3 years of running every day

Today marked 3 years for my run streak, with a total of 5555.5 miles. That breaks down to an average of just over 5 miles per day. Of course, some days included much more.

Tomorrow begins Year 4 Day 1.

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Out running… 🏃🏼 #run #runner #streakrun #tarponsprings 🏃🏼 #rncom

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