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My ongoing Bitcoin experiment

Calling it an “experiment” probably makes it sound grander than it actually it…but I have been experimenting with Bitcoin.

Sometime around mid-2014 (I think) I started paying closer attention to Bitcoin. By that I mean reading articles I stumbled upon while browsing the web. Then in early-2015 I started reading everything I could, and also tracking the daily value of Bitcoin using IFTTT.

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Raspberry Pi 3 over VNC

Geeky fun…today I setup my Raspberry Pi 3 so I could control it through my Mac.

I previously installed Raspbian on the Pi 3 and also had the WiFi setup so it would connect to my home network.

Today I plugged the Pi 3 in to the wall (powering it up) and then, SSH’d to the Pi 3 using Terminal on my Mac. I used SSH to install a VNC client on the Pi 3 and get that configured. Once that was done I installed the VNC Viewer app on my Mac and I can now play with the Pi 3 without needing another keyboard, mouse or monitor.

Overall pretty simple, but still geeky fun.


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Android Basics with Udacity, Lesson 2 Complete!

Android Basics Nanodegree by Google — Lesson 2 complete!


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I joined It Works!

I have recently joined it Works! as a distributor. This company uses a multi-level marketing business structure which often means that people have a strong opinion one way or another. People seem to either love it or hate it. Me personally, I love the potential here.


I also believe the system can work. Well, I guess that much is obvious given I have already signed up as a distributor. But while I am confident the system works, I will admit I am a little skeptical I can make the system work. I say that because if I fail here I think it would be due to a failure on my part, not on the company part.

Anyway, my reasons for joining are simple — I want to have some fun while building something long term. And why not build something that I can earn some money from. The other reasons why I joined and why I trust It Works! are as follows — I recently watched some friends join, some well respected friends that I fully trust. Oh, and I also like and use some of the products offered by It Works!.

If you are curious, about the products, or about the opportunity, you can find more information here: itworksintarpon.com

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Current Lineup: February 2016

Nexus 5X on Project Fi, Nexus 9 LTE on Project Fi, Asus ZenWatch 2, HTC Re, Fitbit One, Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Pal, Evernote Moleskine, and Retro 51 Tornado

IMG_8223 (1)

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Project Fi hooked me with the data-only SIM

When I switched to Project Fi it was mainly a matter of curiosity, and also some filling in the gaps of coverage. I wanted to see how the WiFi, T-Mobile and Sprint network switching would work. More to the point, I was hoping the WiFi and Sprint coverage would fill in some of the T-Mobile gaps. I’ve now been with Project Fi since the beginning of July 2015 and at this point it seems I am in for a much longer ride. Project Fi has been working really good for me.

The coverage has been great, and while I am paying a few dollars more per month, about $5, I now have insurance coverage on my phone. And for those curious, I switched from the $30 per month T-Mobile prepaid plan that offers 100 minutes, unlimited messages and 5GB of LTE data.


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