Running in 2016

I’ve kept my daily run streak active through 2016 and will be “earning my comma” in a few short days. Yes, I am nearing 1,000 days of running every single day. But instead of looking forward, I wanted to drop a few words about running in 2016.

There really isn’t much to say, which I suppose is both good and bad. On the good side — I’ve kept the streak alive and I’ve enjoyed running every day. On the bad side, 2016 wasn’t much more than routine runs. Well, aside from back in January when I completed my second 100 miler.

Otherwise, I only ran a few small races in 2016. I look to change that in 2017 and have already said I would be running another 100 miler in January 2018 – which means I have some work to do. Here is to an enjoyable (and injury free) 2017.

Having said all that, I closed 2016 with 1,726 miles. And for those keeping track, that was down from 2,004 in 2015.


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Current Lineup: August 2016

OnePlus 3 (on a data-only Project Fi SIM), Moto 360 Sport, HTC Re, and Fitbit One. Along with some bamboo sided sunglasses.


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Never trust a crowd funding campaign

I recently backed a campaign on Indiegogo, and well, there has been a delay. Big surprise right? It seems like the delay may be fairly short, but for me it is just another campaign that didn’t go as expected. You think I would have learned after the half-dozen I’ve previously backed.

This one looked pretty interesting, and was fairly inexpensive so I took the risk. It was for a drone racing game and I paid $118. I got in at the Super Early Bird level which was reserved for “the 100 earliest backers.” The estimated shipping date was August 15th and my backing is showing as order 84.

Along with the low price I choose to back because of the following details, which come directly from the campaign page;

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Out running…

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My ongoing Bitcoin experiment

Calling it an “experiment” probably makes it sound grander than it actually it…but I have been experimenting with Bitcoin.

Sometime around mid-2014 (I think) I started paying closer attention to Bitcoin. By that I mean reading articles I stumbled upon while browsing the web. Then in early-2015 I started reading everything I could, and also tracking the daily value of Bitcoin using IFTTT.

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Raspberry Pi 3 over VNC

Geeky fun…today I setup my Raspberry Pi 3 so I could control it through my Mac.

I previously installed Raspbian on the Pi 3 and also had the WiFi setup so it would connect to my home network.

Today I plugged the Pi 3 in to the wall (powering it up) and then, SSH’d to the Pi 3 using Terminal on my Mac. I used SSH to install a VNC client on the Pi 3 and get that configured. Once that was done I installed the VNC Viewer app on my Mac and I can now play with the Pi 3 without needing another keyboard, mouse or monitor.

Overall pretty simple, but still geeky fun.


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Android Basics with Udacity, Lesson 2 Complete!

Android Basics Nanodegree by Google — Lesson 2 complete!


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