You can wear Glass and not be a “Glasshole”

IMG_20140410_170148904_HDRI became a Glass Explorer a few weeks earlier, which actually ended a long period of thinking about, and wanting to wear Glass. April 9th was actually my first day wearing them, and as I am coming up on my first month as an Explorer, I am realizing the experience isn’t quite what I was expecting. To be blunt, I haven’t yet seen the Glasshole side. In fact, I’ve gotten very few questions from people.

Judging from some of the reading I had done prior to wearing Glass, I thought there would have been more of a public reaction while out and about. I wasn’t expecting all controversy and hate, but a mix of that with some good honest questions. I have seen very little of either. Perhaps I am used to people staring (I have two tattoo arm sleeves, stretched ears and am working on my Duck Dynasty beard), but I don’t seem to be attracting any more attention than I had previously.

I am on the quiet side, and often don’t initiate conversation. So maybe I seem a bit unapproachable at times. The lack of response could also be in part due to how I wear Glass — mostly with the Active Shades in place. Anyway, while I ponder and enjoy the ability to wear Glass around my town (Tarpon Springs, Florida) without any issue — I’ll leave future Glass Explorers with this; It seems there are places you can wear Glass out and about and not have any issues or unwanted attention.