What I learned from running 365 consecutive days


I’ve now run for 365 consecutive days. For me that meant running on hot days, on cold days, on sunny days, and rainy days. Basically just running every day regardless. I ran a total of 2000.3 miles.

I wish I could say that I learned some valuable lesson here, but in reality there isn’t much to this…aside from the fact that I really love to run, which was something I already knew.

Having said that, I’m looking forward to continuing the streak and seeing if I can run 2500 miles over the next 365 days.

Ultra running


I haven’t felt much like an ultra runner lately but that is only because I’ve been racing sprint distance triathlons this summer. I’m still paying attention to ultra distances, still making plans for my next 100 miler in January, and still listening to my favorite ultra running podcast — http://www.ultrarunnerpodcast.com.


From the last 50k I ran…

Image courtesy Jim Bodoh, and taken sometime before my stomach went south for the day. This was taken at the 2013 John Holmes 50k trail run in Brooksville, Florida.


This is a four lap trail run and this time around I felt good and strong for almost three full laps. I left to begin the fourth lap at about the 5:30 mark, and sadly, things went downhill quick. My last lap took about 3 hours and meant an 8:30-ish finish for the day.

Slow, but hey, at least I finished.

2013 Triathlon and Ultrarunning schedule

With 2012 not going entirely my way in terms of races, 2013 seems to be off to a good start. So far I have successfully finished the LongHaul 100 in January and the Dances With Dirt 50k in March. Up next will be a few sprint distance triathlons.

  • Dunedin Triathlon — June 9th
  • Tarpon Springs Triathlon — September 7th

These will be followed by a 40 mile road run in September, a 50k trail run in October, a 50 mile trail run in November and then the LongHaul 100 again in January 2014. Good times!

2012 Ultramarathon, Running & Sprint Triathlon (tentative) race schedule

Where I hope to be racing/running for the remainder of the year…

Last updated: October 30, 2012