Never trust a crowd funding campaign

I recently backed a campaign on Indiegogo, and well, there has been a delay. Big surprise right? It seems like the delay may be fairly short, but for me it is just another campaign that didn’t go as expected. You think I would have learned after the half-dozen I’ve previously backed.

This one looked pretty interesting, and was fairly inexpensive so I took the risk. It was for a drone racing game and I paid $118. I got in at the Super Early Bird level which was reserved for “the 100 earliest backers.” The estimated shipping date was August 15th and my backing is showing as order 84.

Along with the low price I choose to back because of the following details, which come directly from the campaign page;

“We’ve already started production 2 months ago. The first production batch will be available by the start of August, 2016. So if you order early and you’re one of the first few hundred backers, we will be able to ship the products to you just right after the campaign ends in mid August.”

Being a super early bird at number 84 you would think I would have been good to go. But that isn’t the case. In fact, shortly after the campaign closed were were given the bad news;

“We would like to give you a quick update regarding to our plan to ship out the perks to you. We will start shipping the drones only perks to the backers early next week. We are waiting for the headset to arrive and will be able to ship out to all backers right then.”

Needless to say, the drone only packages were not the super early bird level. And as a not so happy follow up, the next campaign update offered the following;

“Another great news is that I have just received an update from the purchasing department that the headset will arrive mid to end September this year so we will be able to fulfill all the perks then.”

Not sure how a (at best) month delay can in any way be tied to great news. But it looks like my mid-August delivery will not be arriving until mid-to-late September at best. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was pushed back till October and beyond.

Please, please, please…next time I talk of backing a crowd funding campaign — remind me of this.

As a side note, for the title I used the term ‘crowd funding campaign’ but I cannot help but think of the “Never Trust a Junkie” line from Sid & Nancy.

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