My ongoing Bitcoin experiment

Calling it an “experiment” probably makes it sound grander than it actually it…but I have been experimenting with Bitcoin.

Sometime around mid-2014 (I think) I started paying closer attention to Bitcoin. By that I mean reading articles I stumbled upon while browsing the web. Then in early-2015 I started reading everything I could, and also tracking the daily value of Bitcoin using IFTTT.


I use two recipes at IFTTT. The first sends the Bitcoin price to a Google Drive spreadsheet and the second sends the Bitcoin price to my phone as a Pushbullet alert.

I also started buying Bitcoin in early-2015. But this is where I should sort of qualify my time with Bitcoin more as a hobby. I am not a big investor. I buy Bitcoin in $20 and $40 increments and from time to time. Since I started buying I have only purchased a few hundred dollars worth. My though is that you spend a little money on a hobby and that is what I have been doing with Bitcoin.

If you are curious, I use Coinbase (affiliate link) to buy and hold my Bitcoin and I use the Shift Card to spend my Bitcoin in the real world.


And as a bonus, because the value of Bitcoin goes up and down — I sometimes get a small freebie. I recently bought Dunkin Donuts for breakfast, and spent about $5. The freebie came because later that afternoon the value of Bitcoin increased and I closed the day slightly higher than where I began — even having gotten breakfast. 😉


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