I don’t think Project Fi is about being cheap (the lowest priced)

I’ll preface this by saying that I am a happy Project Fi customer. I signed up back at the beginning of July, and have been happy with the quality of service and with the price. So, having said that, I’d like to address a common complaint.


I see lots of people criticizing Project Fi with arguments of price. And it is true, the monthly price can really add up if you are a heavy data user. But I think Project Fi is more about the network. Don’t get me wrong, I like the lower price (as I am a low data user), but feel the real feature here is the network.

Being able to use T-Mobile, Sprint and Wi-Fi is a killer feature. And I’d argue that is a killer enough feature worth paying for — even if it means your Project Fi bill is higher than your current (traditional) carrier bill.

Personally I spend most of my time on Wi-Fi. And when not connected to Wi-Fi I often find my phone on T-Mobile. But it seems Sprint sort of fills in some coverage gaps for me — thus making my phone better than if I was a regular T-Mobile customer. And for the argument about how MVNO customers get slower speeds, Google has said Project Fi customers get the same level of service the carriers provide to their direct customers.

So — shouldn’t we be willing to pay more for more functionality. Or am I just looking at this totally wrong.

Also, in case anyone was curious, I was happily using a pre-paid T-Mobile plan before switching to Project Fi. Specifically, I was using the $30 per month plan that includes 100 minutes, unlimited messages and 5GB (of LTE) data.

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