Looking back: 30 Day Challenge for December 2014


Re: My ‘more steps and more activity’ 30 Day Challenge

Looking back at the Fitbit data for the month of December and while I didn’t hit my goal of 15,000 every day — I only went below 10,000 steps on one day. That day was December 19th, and I did 9,123 steps. To be fair about missing my bottom level goal that day, I had an ultra-marathon scheduled for December 20th, and therefor was taking it a bit easy. Regardless, I still missed and could have gotten to 10,000 without issue.

Otherwise, I only had one other day where my steps were in the 10,xxx range. The other day was December 29th when I did 10,687. Not a bad day, but not where I wanted/hoped to be. Aside from those two lower days I managed to get over 15,000 steps for a total of 12 days.

In total that means I had one day below 10,000, and twelve days above 15,000. This goes without saying, but the remaining days were somewhere between 10 and 15 thousand steps.

In the end I would say I still need to keep working on this challenge, and while I wish the above 15,000 step days would have been higher — I still consider this challenge a success because it got me thinking about being more active THROUGHOUT the FULL DAY as opposed to getting majority of my activity in a short one hour period.


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