Switching to prepaid, and likely sticking with a 2013 Moto X


My family spends a small fortune on cellular service each month. Just above $300 with taxes and all that good stuff. We have solid service, in fact, I’ll likely miss what what we have, but it is time to start thinking in terms of dollars. Or more specifically, in terms of saving some dollars. We’ve decided to go prepaid, and will begin using the $30 per month (100 minutes, unlimited messages, 5GB of data) plan from T-Mobile. We currently have four lines and will be moving to prepaid accounts as those contracts expire.

The first of the four lines to come off contract is mine, and that will happen in about a weeks time. That means it is time for me to start thinking about a new phone, as my current will not work with T-Mobile. That may give a good hint of my current carrier. But current carrier aside, I’ve been using, and loving the 2013 Moto X. I like this handset due to the size (I always run with my phone in hand), and also for the ability to unlock using the Motorola Skip functionality, which I actually have programmed not to a Skip, but to an NFC chip I have implanted in my left hand.

I recently came across an invite for the OnePlus One, so I grabbed one, the 64GB model in Sandstone Black. But here is the thing, I know I will not be completely happy with the OnePlus One due to the size. I’m pretty sure I’ll really like the phone, and I already know that I like phones with bigger displays. But those bigger displays do not work as well for me when I go running, and I run everyday. So I have also been playing close attention to Swappa for, you guessed it, a 2013 Moto X. And I happen to have found one with 32GB of storage in white with orange trim, and a bamboo back — pretty much a model that I would have built myself. Best of all — it is in excellent condition and was reasonably priced.

So yes, foolish me bought two phones (in an effort to go pre-paid and save money on wireless bills) -— one of which I’m sure I will not be able to use due to size. But perhaps the key point I am trying to make here — sometimes you don’t need the latest and greatest, sometime a slightly older model may be the one that works best for you.

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