30 Day Challenge(s)


I committed to a 30 day challenge back in August. Admittedly, it was on the simpler side. I took a picture a day, and actually ended up doing it for 31 days, as that is what August has and it only seemed fitting. I put all those images together in an album on Google+, which can be seen here: 30 Day Challenge: August 2014.

The pictures are not really spectacular by any sort of photography standards, but the gallery does provide a fun look back at what I was doing during the month of August.  The idea of the challenge itself was also fun.

So with that challenge completed, I had expected to roll right into another for September, but I failed to do any sort of planning. Needless to say, September will be challenge free, and I will look towards October for my next, which coincidentally also has 31 days. Now…time to think of what I should do.


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streak runner, harley rider, geek, bearded, tattooed, husband & father
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