30 Day Challenge: August 2014

I’ve considered doing 30 day challenges for quite some time now, but for one reason or another, I just never made the commitment. Lifehacker published a post on the topic this afternoon, and it included a video that I have probably watched a dozen times since it was published on YouTube. The video is of Matt Cutts talking about trying something new for 30 days, and for those curious, it can be seen sitting above.

Well, I have finally decided to get going and given today is the 1st of the month, now seems like as good as any time to begin. I am not entirely sure how long I will be doing these, or what challenges will come in the months ahead, but as this is new I am going to start easy. My first challenge will be to take a picture a day for 30 days.

The first image is sitting below…it’s nothing fancy, but it provides a nice memory of a dinner out with the family (the kids just got back after spending a full month away with the grandparents).



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