Welcome to robertnelson.me

I have this blog, robertnelson.me, and somehow you have managed to arrive here. That being said, I am not really sure how you would have found it since it most often goes unused. The reason why this site often goes unused is simple, I write about gadgets on a full-time basis and publish my work on other sites. If you want to find more you can follow any of the links below…

[Updated] January 18, 2017

The above links are all current, and this blog is now being used more. In an effort to consolidate where I share and have better control over the content in the future, I have begun using this blog (as opposed to sharing here, there and everywhere). Things you may find here will be technology related, and fitness related. I also like to take pictures so you’ll likely get more than a few of those as well.

Also, a more up to date “about me” can be found here: About Me

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