30 Day Challenge: More steps and more activity


On the surface I appear to be a really active person. I run daily, with most of those runs being in the 5 mile range. I also ride my bike and swim, and because I run daily — the days when I bike or swim simply mean two workouts. And because of my running, I’ve sort of become the town runner. Everyone from friends, to parents of my kids friends, to random people ask me about running. Usually the question is something along the lines of;

Was that you I saw out running earlier?

Which is often followed by something along the lines of;

You seemed pretty far from home. How far do you run?

Seriously, it has gotten to the point where I tend to respond to the first question by saying one word — probably. And as if the attention from non-runners isn’t enough, I even get comments from other runners. Those usually tend to the fact about running everyday, and running ultra marathons. Bottom line here, I’ve become (locally known in my small town) as a runner, an active person.

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Switching to prepaid, and likely sticking with a 2013 Moto X


My family spends a small fortune on cellular service each month. Just above $300 with taxes and all that good stuff. We have solid service, in fact, I’ll likely miss what what we have, but it is time to start thinking in terms of dollars. Or more specifically, in terms of saving some dollars. We’ve decided to go prepaid, and will begin using the $30 per month (100 minutes, unlimited messages, 5GB of data) plan from T-Mobile. We currently have four lines and will be moving to prepaid accounts as those contracts expire.

The first of the four lines to come off contract is mine, and that will happen in about a weeks time. That means it is time for me to start thinking about a new phone, as my current will not work with T-Mobile. That may give a good hint of my current carrier. But current carrier aside, I’ve been using, and loving the 2013 Moto X. I like this handset due to the size (I always run with my phone in hand), and also for the ability to unlock using the Motorola Skip functionality, which I actually have programmed not to a Skip, but to an NFC chip I have implanted in my left hand.

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Send your name on NASA’s Orion Spacecraft

Send your name on NASA’s Orion Spacecraft at http://mars.nasa.gov/


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Out running…


Out running…you can catch a fish in most any body of water in Florida, and sometimes after heavy rain and flooding – –  you can also find them on the sidewalk (nowhere near a body of water).

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September 11th is more than 9/11

Hear me out before making any snap judgements…

In reference to the title, September 11th is the day, which happens to be today. Then 9/11 is THE day. The day from 2001 that many choose to remember and reflect on on September 11th.

I am not saying we need to forget what happened on 9/11, in fact we shouldn’t forget — but we also need to take a few minutes and remember that, for many people, September 11th is another day entirely.

Today I am not choosing to forget 9/11, but I am choosing to celebrate today, which is something I’ve been made to feel guilty about doing in past years. You see, today is my wedding anniversary. My wife and I married on September 11, 1999. For my wife, our family, and myself, this year has to be about us.

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Linked: Hillsborough County PTC meeting regarding Uber and Lyft

The Hillsborough County Public Transportation Commission (PTC) meeting regarding Uber and Lyft took place earlier today. There isn’t much to say in the way of an outcome, however there has been plenty of solid coverage on the topic. Below are a few of the recent links;

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30 Day Challenge(s)


I committed to a 30 day challenge back in August. Admittedly, it was on the simpler side. I took a picture a day, and actually ended up doing it for 31 days, as that is what August has and it only seemed fitting. I put all those images together in an album on Google+, which can be seen here: 30 Day Challenge: August 2014.

The pictures are not really spectacular by any sort of photography standards, but the gallery does provide a fun look back at what I was doing during the month of August.  The idea of the challenge itself was also fun.

So with that challenge completed, I had expected to roll right into another for September, but I failed to do any sort of planning. Needless to say, September will be challenge free, and I will look towards October for my next, which coincidentally also has 31 days. Now…time to think of what I should do.

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