Gawker: Solid article, shitty conclusion.

I rarely comment on other posts, however a recent Gawker post seems to be offering the worst advice…EVER. The interesting part here is how the advice comes as the conclusion to a post that is otherwise well done. This particular post was in response to a New York Post article about a woman chasing down a phone thief. And to clarify here, she chased down HER phone thief.

Anyway, the Gawker article offers suggestions about how you shouldn’t pose for press photos with the thief, or pose for press photos in general. It also goes on to mention how you shouldn’t make fun of the thief for the article that will be associated with those previously mentioned press photos. In this case she called the kid “pudgy” and mentioned that as the reason why she was able to catch him.

All solid suggestions thus far, however the conclusion (seen just below) seems a bit flawed.

If you are nonviolently mugged by a child, continue to let him run along with his friends. The world will be a better place.

I realize those two sentences could be interpreted a few different ways, but the way I see it — if you simply let your child mugger run away with his friends — you are only teaching them this behavior is something they could potentially get away with. I also understand that pursuing your mugger could lead to getting yourself injured or worse, but it doesn’t seem the “world will be a better place” by letting your mugger “run along with his friends.”

The way I see it — in order to make the world a better place we need to teach these kids that crime doesn’t pay.

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Ama Tarpon Springs (mermaid statue) #throughglass


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Tailwind Nutrition just made me a long term customer


Another perfect example of making the customer feel good. I’ve ordered and used (and liked) Tailwind Nutrition before, but it had been a while since I last ordered any. Having said that, it was especially nice to see this handwritten note (and sample) included with my latest order. Basically, between the product actually working, and the awesome company itself — I’ll be using Tailwind into the foreseeable future.

And just in case anyone is curious, you can find a bit more about Tailwind Nutrition here.

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Out running…Spring Bayou


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Streak run day 100, and, with new shoes.


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Out running…Sponge Docks


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30 Day Challenge: August 2014

I’ve considered doing 30 day challenges for quite some time now, but for one reason or another, I just never made the commitment. Lifehacker published a post on the topic this afternoon, and it included a video that I have probably watched a dozen times since it was published on YouTube. The video is of Matt Cutts talking about trying something new for 30 days, and for those curious, it can be seen sitting above.

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